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Week of May 2-6

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Week of May 2-6 Empty Week of May 2-6

Post  Alexi on Mon May 02, 2011 12:18 am

Yola pej lei jo people, bienvenido to another week of eating from the environment of evolutionary adaptedness (+larabars!). I know our numbers are small but everyone seems to be stickin pretty good to the program!

Patti! Glad to have you back!


UP: lemon water + FO
B: bacon + sweet potato + broccoli
L: pork loin + broccoli + sweet potato + apple sauce
S: apple sauce + beef jerky
PW: protein
D: ground bison + celery root hash + purple cabbage + sweet potatoe + an egg=freaking delicious!!!
D: three bites of coconut bliss ize kriem

Really glad Renee and Patti are back and that everyone's goin strong again!

Breakfast: bison pepperoni
Snack: apple sauce
Lunch: bison + celery root hash + onion + purple cabbage
Snack: spoonful of peanut butter (didn't have almond) + beef jerky
post wod: nuthin
Dinner: burrito bowl from Whole Paycheck
Dessert: crud (actually the rest of my easter chocolate - freakin rabbit, tricks are for kids!!!!)

UP: Fish Oil + glutamine
B: 1.5 bbry bison sausage + purple cabbage
S: 2 kiwi + 1 banana + almonds
L: 1.5 bbry bison sausage + purple cabbage
S: coffee + orange
PW: nuthin
D:chipotle chicken w/ carrots and broccoli from WP
D: Coconut bliss dark chocolate bar ( holy cow! these things are the best fudgecicle I've ever had, happiness in bar form! - try these mutha flippin bars if you haven't yet!)

Up: FO
B: sweet potato + an egg
S: 2 kiwis
L: 1 bbry bison sausage + sweet potato + purple cabbage
S: happy planet fruit smoothie + banana w/ peanut butter
PW: protein
D: Double Vera's Cheese Burger w/ lettuce tomato and onion + fries and diet coke. TIME TRAVEL DIET!!!!!

Off to USA for the weekend, likely continue my time travel theme for the W E. See y'all Monday, LIGHT WEIGHT BABAY!!!!

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Week of May 2-6 Empty Re: Week of May 2-6

Post  Patti on Mon May 02, 2011 1:32 pm

I'm back and willing to post to keep me on track. I actually missed it and the accountability never hurt anyone...


UP:Lemon water & oil
S:Chicken, peppers and almonds
L:Spinach salad, bison/turkey meatloaf, lots of veggies, avacado, pumpkin seeds
D:Coconut Halibut, Crispy Kale, Coconut Macaroons
PW:Ground turkey and olive oil.

The Coconut Macaroons were not quite what I expected. I need to experiment with them to disperse the sweetness a little better.


UP:Lemon water & oil
B:Egg/Turkey muffins (3 small), avacado, almonds
S:Turkey, yams, olive oil

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Week of May 2-6 Empty Re: Week of May 2-6

Post  RobynS on Mon May 02, 2011 6:24 pm

Had my birthday cake Sunday night.. so I can start this week rightttt Very Happy

Goal this week. 5days 100%./80% on weekends. Yahhhh Patti your back ! I like posting too

B) turkey sausage/fruit/nuts
Lunch- open face chicken fahitta /salad style.

snack- 1bison Pepperoni stick/ 1 larabar
Dinner- bison hash/on top of sweet potatoes/with purple cabbage
egg on top.


Breakfast: bacon/eggs/strawberries
Snack-pear/ 1 bison organic pepperoni stick
2pm lunch- going to be lamb sausage/broc/yam

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Week of May 2-6 Empty Re: Week of May 2-6

Post  Renee on Tue May 03, 2011 3:11 pm

First off.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN!!! Smile!! Hope you celebrated and had lots of fun!

I kept forgetting to get my posts up last week.. but still on the train with you all ..

Monday :
meal 1 - ground bison, spinach, broccoli , avocado and salsa
snack ) boiled egg and 1/2 green apple
meal 2 ) chicken , cauliflower, cucumber, spinach, with some macadamia nuts adn a bit a coconut oil to cook ..
snack ) rest of the apple and some nuts

meal 1)chicken , roasted veggies ( artichoke, mushrooms, peppers) and spinach
meal 2) tuna + shrimp with green salad
snack) some macadamia nuts + blueberries

meal1) ground bison, cauliflower, mushrooms/ onion in coconut oil
meal 2) rest of ground bison, spinach, red pepper, avocado and a few olives
Had to go home early today .. seem to have a bit of a stomach flu and felt queezy all day.. hope to feel spry again tomorrow.

B) 1 boiled egg, few olives
L) baked chicken, spinach , broccoli , cucumber
S) few macadamia nuts
D) shrimp , pepper, spinach , coconut milk -

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Week of May 2-6 Empty Re: Week of May 2-6

Post  Erin on Tue May 03, 2011 6:04 pm

Monday's food was crap, I won't post it lol!

Breakfast - 2 eggs, sun is shining green superfood, raw cacao shake of, 1/2 avocado, almond milk, honey, vanilla, coconut oil.
Lunch- halibut, sauteed kale, celery, spinach

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Week of May 2-6 Empty Re: Week of May 2-6

Post  Alena on Wed May 04, 2011 12:14 am

Oh man...after a week of eating the opposite of Paleo while in DC, I am definitely back on the program (well making a slow transition back;) I feel like I put 5 lbs on my midsection in a week. Not cool.

breakie: 2 eggs and banana - coffee (with cream - boo)
Lunch: halibut, yam, spinach salad
Snack: 1 egg, banana, nuts (and some dark chocolate covered pomegranates - super cheat!)
Post Wod: berry protein shake
Dinner: Paleo Pad Thai

Happy Birthday Robyn. And amazing job competitors who are on here, on the last couple open wods!!


breakie: 2 eggs, strawberries in almond milk.
Lunch: Paleo Pad Thai - 2, okay 3, oatmeal cookies - eep...
Post Wod: shake
Dinner: dijon, saje pork chops, yam, broccoli

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Week of May 2-6 Empty Re: Week of May 2-6

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